Ep. 16 – Poetry and Nonviolent Leadership

On The Same Page is a podcast from the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library to keep you in the loop and on the same page about what’s happening at your library.

In this episode we talk about some poetry collections we are reading and hear a recording of a panel from March that took place at Northside Library to discuss leadership and nonviolent conflict resolution.

Turns out Abby was wrong and Erica was correct about Tax Day. It is April 17 this year, just in case you were curious.

Erica and Abby are both reading (even more) poetry for National Poetry Month.

Erica read

Abby read

Panelists from the Northside panel included:

The panel mentioned Equal Justice Initiative (discussed in the book Just Mercy)

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 16 – Poetry and Nonviolent Leadership

  1. Thank you for having tax forms at this library. It is very important that the community knows how to fill out the forms, and has access to them. Any educational structure on this topic is appreciated because so many citizens are wrongfully accused of tax evasion. An elementary school education class would be nice for our citizens future.

  2. Dozens of his friends went to jail during his time with Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, but he was arrested only once. In 1960, after word of student sit-ins at lunch counters in Greensboro, N.C., spread across the South, Mr. Bond and a few of his friends at Morehouse organized protests against segregated public facilities in Atlanta. He was arrested when he led a sit-in at the City Hall cafeteria.

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