S.2 Ep.10 – VA Humanities’ Justin Reid discusses Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County

On this episode we hear a recording from the December meeting of Books Sandwiched in at the Northside Library. Virginia Humanities’ Director of African American Programs, Justin Reid, discusses Kristen Green’s Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County. We also talk about books.


Katie explains that she likes to read historical fiction and, as an example of an author she likes, mentioned Kate Atkinson Transcription (Life After Life, Detective Series). She also likes to read magical realism, like Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s Shadow of the Wind and Robin Sloan’s Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and Sourdough.

Abby likes to read things set a little more in the future, like the speculative series Earthseed by Octavia Butler (which reminded Katie of Karen Thompson Walker’s The Age of Miracles) and Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam Trilogy.


Next, we hear Justin Reid, the Director of African-American Programs at Virginia Humanities discussing Kristen Green’s 2015 release, Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County. This recording was part of an ongoing series at the Northside Library called Books Sandwiched In.


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