S.3 Ep.2 – News from JMRL’s Louisa County and Scottsville Library Branches

On this episode we chat with our Louisa County and Scottsville Library Branch Managers to find out about exciting updates from their branches.

Next we hear a recording of chat with Louisa County Library Branch Manager Ophelia Payne about some new renovations and the grand re-opening of that branch. 

She mentioned the following programs:

Ophelia is reading Maid by Stephanie Land.

Then we chat with Scottsville Library’s new Branch Manager, Megan England, about what it’s like to step into that role and what Scottsville Library users can expect in the coming months.

Megan mentioned the following programs

You can also listen to an earlier episode featuring the recording from her book release party for The Disasters. Her next book,  Spell Hacker, will be released on 1/21/2020.

Megan is reading The Mighty Heart of Sunny St James by Ashley Herring Blake.

If you have books you’d like to recommend we read and discuss please email us at podcast@jmrl.org.

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