S.7 E.9 — How To Be Awesome

Want to jump around?

1:45 – Grow, Learn, Connect 

4:05 – In ten words…

6:15 – John Teixeira: chess is just as exciting as the Super Bowl

14:32 Molly Foster: the magic of open-ended process art

23:53 – David Levi: turn your body (or bananas) into a musical instrument 

31:00 – Addeane Caelleigh: the camaraderie of book arts 

40:30 – Mikaela Deighan: tea is meant to be shared 

Don’t miss JMRL’s annual How-To Festival! Learn 30 things in 3 hours! 

Helpful Resources: 

Charlottesville Chess Club Facebook Page (John)

Foster Art (Molly)

Microkits (David)

Book Arts Program (Addeane)

Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (Mikaela)

Other mentions: 

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt 

The God of Endings by Jakki Holland 

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