S.6 E.2 — Introducing Our Podcast Book Club, “Overbooked”

Want to jump around? Use these time codes to visit different segments in today’s episode:

1:27 – EJ shares about Truly, Madly by Stephen Galloway

9:45 – Abby shares about The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers

14:02 – Interview with Brianne Kirkpatrick, founder of Watershed DNA

21:49 – Interview with Iney Byfield, member of Cville TimeBank

29:40 – Interview with Carol Quigless, small business owner, Flourish Essential Oils 

32:30 – Podcast book club Overbooked, chapters 1-3

Your third clue for #SamePageObject: “Perhaps you have played a part in penning this object’s poesy.” Your previous two clues were: 

  • Located near where new might meet you, and, 
  • This object honors one of April’s monthly celebrations 

What’s your guess? Tag us on social media, or email us at podcast@jmrl.org. Join us in two weeks for the big reveal, and to begin our next round of guessing game fun!

Be sure to read chapters 4-6 of The Glass Ocean before our next episode on May 27. Don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast but still want to participate in Overbooked? Check out our Overbooked video, premiering Tuesday, May 17, for visuals and the audio from today’s discussion on JMRL’s YouTube!

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