S.6 E.5 — “I call it my salvation”

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2:03 – Summer reading update 

4:35 – Louisa library spotlight 

21:00 – Coming up at JMRL (6/25-7/8/22)  

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Summer reading update! Abby found these delicious, naturally sweetened cookies – you can even eat them for breakfast. Find the “Cook” challenge under the “Create” category. EJ enjoyed a virtual tour of the National Aquarium to fulfill an activity under “Oceans of Fun.” click the links below to get 2 points on your Summer Reading Challenge. Don’t forget to log your progress on Beanstack!

Be sure to read chapters 10-12 of The Glass Ocean before our next episode on July 8. Don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast but still want to participate in Overbooked? Check out our Overbooked video for visuals and audio from previous discussions on JMRL’s YouTube!

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