S.6 E.4 — This is the KISS Chapter

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2:00 – Splash into summer reading with book recommendations 

15:40 – Overbooked (podcast book club: The Glass Ocean), chapters 7-9

46:37 – Coming up at JMRL (6/11-6/24/22)  

Play along with our #PodcastScavengerHunt! This week, check out this summer reading book list – you may find where you need to search by reading closely….

Rapunzel Plant

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What Do I Read Next?


Be sure to read chapters 10-12 of The Glass Ocean before our next episode on June 24. Don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast but still want to participate in Overbooked? Check out our Overbooked video for visuals and audio from today’s discussion on JMRL’s YouTube!

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