S.8. E.4 – Genre Deep Dives – Manga! (Part One)

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This episode features several JMRL staff talking about what they love about Manga and Anime, there’s even more to the conversation with a part two of this episode dropping with our next episode! Below are several Find It Lists to help you all find your next great Manga read! 

Manga: Young Adult (13-17 yr. old) 

Manga: Adult

Manga: Middle Grade

If you can’t find a particular title that you would love to read, please fill out the Suggest a Purchase form! Or if you would like a specific list crafted just for you please check out the What Do I Read Next? service offered by JMRL. 

As always, please email podcast@jmrl.org with comments, suggestions, ideas, or anything else. We’d love to hear from you. 

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