S.8 E.5 — Reading Resolutions for 2024

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This episode features several JMRL staff talking about their reading experiences of 2023, and outlining a few reading resolutions for 2024. If you aren’t already familiar with Libby, be sure to check it out. A completely free and user-friendly app (and webpage) for reading eBooks and listening to electronic audio books, Libby is a fan favorite among JMRL librarians. 

Consider the questions posed to JMRL staff, and let us know how you would answer them by emailing podcast@jmrl.org

  • What was your favorite book you read in 2023, and why?
  • Is there a book that exceeded your expectations or surprised you in 2023?
  • Are you eagerly anticipating any specific books being released in 2024?
  • What are your reading goals for 2024?

One way to enhance your reading life is to make use of the What Do I Read Next? service offered by JMRL. After filling out the form with your preferences, JMRL librarians will hand-select titles that we believe you will love! 

As always, please email podcast@jmrl.org with comments, suggestions, ideas, or anything else related to the podcast or JMRL. We’d love to hear from you. 

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