S.4 Ep.2 – Race and Representation in JMRL’s Collection

In this episode, we hear a recording of a virtual panel on Race and Representation in JMRL’s Collection. We also talk about what we’re reading.

Next we hear a recording of a virtual panel on Race and Representation in JMRL’s Collection, which took place in early August. This panel included:

  • Moderator Siri Russell:  Albemarle County Director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • David Plunkett: JMRL Library Director
  • Angela Critics: Children’s Services Manager
  • Hayley Tompkins: Crozet Branch Manager
  • Meredith Dickens: Collection Manager

This virtual discussion explored current trends in collection development and materials selection; how JMRL endeavors to break with the traditional white perspective/narrative and broaden its collection to ensure an inclusive body of “own-voices” materials that fairly reflect the opinions and stories of marginalized communities. The discussion also examined how literature and media can perpetuate racial stereotypes and the challenges Libraries face in establishing a fluid and evolving collection of materials that meet the needs of ever-diverse communities seeking to speak on their own behalf. 

Panelists mentioned the following resources and materials throughout the event:

JMRL’s Youtube Account

Video of this panel

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For branch details:

COVID-19 Response and Available Online Resources

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